(5.2) Abandoned military base
No. of Undead 159
Available Money $640
Secrets 2
Weapon Parts 1
Flak Vest Parts 0

Abandoned military base is one of two optional levels available from We, the remains and takes place, as implied, in a military base that has been abandoned. The level can be accessed by speaking with Mike.

Overview Edit

The level begins when Max and Mike arrive in front of the abandoned military base only to find that the automatic turrets they intended to take for the camp are still operational and firing at anything that moves, human or zombie. The only option is to sneak around the building, hiding behind cars when detected by turrets, and enter through the back.

Before entering the main building, an armory and what appears to be barracks are located around the area. They are full of useful pick-ups including ammunition, money, and a weapon part.

On entering the building, Mike will note that the lower floors of the building are filled with poisonous gas, insisting Max hold his breath and go himself. Max is able to hold his breath for a short time, replenishing his supply of clean air by standing near the various ventilation systems. Running out of air will cause Max to begin rapidly losing health until he returns to an area with clean air.

Once Max clears the poisonous lower floors and allows Mike to enter from an upper floor entrance, the power must be shut down in order to collect the turrets. This will cause all of the lights in the building to go out as well. The proceeding rooms are filled with red beetles that spit fire.

Eventually, Max and Mike exit through one of the front entrances to pick up the turrets and load them into their truck, finishing the level and returning Max to the previous level.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret5.2a The first secret is located immediately south of the starting area, between several trees and a barb wired wall. $40
Secret5.2b The second secret is found near the end of the level in a room just before leaving the main building through one of the front entrances. All of the loot is hidden under crates. $55

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Gunswithoutbrains Guns without Brains Obtain automatic guards for the village