Main Characters Edit

Portrayed by Falk Schulze
Sprecher max
Max is the main protagonist of the game, Splatter. Max is evidenced to be something of a loner with mediocre social skills, but what he lacks in charisma he makes up for in excellent firearm handling and modifying.

Refugees Edit

Portrayed by Sebastian Becker
Portrayed by Antji Bieback
Sprecher dan
Sprecher ester
Dan is one of many survivors occupying an ecological farm in We, the remains. He is a pessimistic character who Max can talk to in order to begin A bug's nest. Tragically, Dan lost his wife, Martha, to the hostile insects in a nearby cave. Ester is one of multiple refugees in We, the remains. She was separated from her son when she left to take refuge in the camp, and has been worried about him since.
Portrayed by Kayla J. Davion
Portrayed by Sheri
Sprecher helena
Sprecher hilda
Helena is the leader of the small group of refugees in We, the remains. When she meets Max, Helena asks for his assistance in helping out other refugees in the camp. If Max lends a hand, Helena will reward Max with one of the game's weapon part. Hilda is a resident of the farm in We, the remains, and appears to be a homemaker or caregiver. She resides in a house, working in the kitchen, while two children play in the next room over.
Portrayed by Amber Gangi
Portrayed by EnterTheUnderworld
Sprecher astrid
Sprecher john
Jenny, also known as Jen, is a recurring character in Splatter and is a capable refugee. She runs into Max in times of peril only to be rescued by him. She is first encountered in Wormy meadows and later again met in The city is burning. John is a resident on the farm of We, the remains. He is a busy man who serves as the camp's janitor and mechanic. John walks back and forth between a forge and a workbench in the smithy.
Portrayed by Linda Kindt
Portrayed by Feliks Neverov
Sprecher lisa
Sprecher mike
Lisa is a farmer in the refugee camp in We, the remains. Lisa believes in using organic crops that are "free of genes," in her own words, much to Max's dismay. She becomes offended when Max tries to reason against her flawed logic, and continues to become increasingly appalled by Max when he completes the optional missions in the area. Mike is a refugee with combat and tactical skills. He is one of the survivors in We, the remains, and Max can talk to him to start Abandoned military base. Mike briefly joins Max to obtain automated turrets to protect the camp. Like most NPC's, Mike attacks with a pistol.
Portrayed by Tyler
Sprecher ulf
Ulf is another farmhand residing in a camp with others in We, the remains. He takes his work seriously and has very little interest in doing much else, although he will become more fond of Max after exterminating the beetles in the nearby cave.

Lone Survivors Edit

Pickup Driver
Portrayed by Olliver Fischer
Unknown portrayal
Sprecher waffentyp
Sprecher fahrer
The unnamed looter is encountered in Temple of Consumption, trying to find a firearm. Max can choose to spare his life, wherein the looter will temporarily ally himself with Max.

His file name is "waffentyp," which is German for "weapons guy."

An unnamed driver allies with Max in The streets are alive, driving a truck with a rifle turret the Max can fire to take down several zombies.

His file name is "fahrer," which is German for "driver."

Portrayed by Lars Eggers
Sprecher soldat
Sprecher steve
The unnamed soldier is an ally character found in The city is burning. He directs Max to get to the meeting point on the opposite end of the map.

His file name is "soldat," which is German for "soldier."

Steve is a survivor who resides along the coast. He keeps the zombies at bay by the bright beams of a nearby lighthouse. During the mission, Steve can temporarily ally himself with Max in a side quest to fix the lighthouse's power source. He is a somewhat cowardly character, and he uses a pistol.
Portrayed by Maik Hamann
Sprecher henning
Henning is a doctoral student who was part of a team that researched the phenomenon that now turns humans to violent zombies. He is encountered in Laboratory and uses a handgun when attacking. He briefly joins Max to help him get into the lab's basement.