(11) Laboratory
No. of Undead 121
Available Money $510
Secrets 2
Weapon Parts 0
Flak Vest Parts 0

Laboratory is a fairly short level and explores the beginnings of the lab where the zombie outbreak first began.

Overview Edit

The Laboratory starts off on a long stretch of road going north through a massacre of zombies and military personnel. Nearby, a small building in front of a laboratory is being attacked by fire-spitting zombies, attempting to harm a survivor taking refuge named Henning. He reveals himself to be a part of the team responsible for discovering a phenomenon that caused humans to turn into zombies. Because he feels responsible for the zombie outbreak, Henning will ally himself with Max temporarily and open the door to the laboratory.

The entrance to the lab building is layered with soldier and zombie corpses, causing Henning to become sick and vomit. The main foyer inside the building will contain three monsters of the invisible kind. The building contains a few rooms with useful pick-ups and fireflies, and the goal is to use the elevator to reach the lower floors, however, the power has been shut off. Henning will lead Max to the backyard, where a workbench is located en route, and reactivate the generator which will lead to a zombie attack. In this attack, flares are heavily advised.

After the attack, Henning will have had enough and leave Max to continue on his own. A short trip through the elevator and into the basement puts Max in a boss fight against two robotic zombies who have high amounts of health and can fire lasers and grenades. The arena is also littered with coins hidden under creates. The two bosses can be easily disposed of using the automatic rifle or laser rifle using basic take-cover tactics. After the fight, Max can continue north into the next level.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret11a The first secret is inside the laboratory building, after checking the elevator only to find that there is no power. When Henning is leading Max to the backyard where the generator is, a room on the south side of the corridor can be blasted open to reveal the secret. 180 flamethrower ammo, 28 shotgun ammo, 150 automatic rifle ammo, 80 laser rifle ammo
Secret11b The second secret is located in a small room to the side just before the boss fight against the cybernetic zombies. A glowing green panel on a nearby desk can be used to open the secret alcove but care must be taken to remove the chairs in the way but not destroy the panel. $60, 8 flares, 360 laser rifle ammo

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Lesshumanthanexpected Less human than expected Eliminate the threat in the laboratory