Monster Behavior
Beetle Beetles are red insects that live in burrows. Smaller beetles are only capable of dealing contact damage, but larger beetles can spit fire. All beetles are immune to fire and flares, but Max can sneak by them if he makes very little noise, as they are blind.
Cyborg Cyborgs are the strongest type of standard enemy with incredibly high health and a handful of attacks. In groups of two or three, they serve as bosses for some stages in story mode. They aim a laser pointer around their vicinity while trying to spot Max, and then they attack with a multiple-shot laser followed by a grenade.
Frog The frog is a type of zombies that sits still, hidden in dark corners, waiting to ambush Max by leaping at him. They have a bit more health than regular zombies, but are easy to dispose of.
Imp Imps are zombies that that are orange-brown in color and chase Max, only stopping to spit up fire. The fireball can travel some distance and explodes on impact with a wall, damaging Max if he is in proximity. Fireballs that don't hit anything will dissipate.
Phaser Phasers are invisible monsters only marked by distortions in the map. They idly sit still until Max comes near, then they ambush him in groups of two or three. Phasers have an exceptionally high amount of health, but a maxed out missile launcher can kill them with relative ease, not only from the high damage, but the homing ability.
Spiders Spiders are green arachnids that create nests with egg clusters which will burst into more spiders when struck with a bullet or other ammunition. Spiders, like most enemies, will attack in droves when they spot Max, but they move quicker then most.
Worm Worms are slow-moving enemies first encounter in Wormy meadows. They are nearly indestructible with their thick armor and resist all bullets. The only way to destroy worms is with fire, explosions, or acid from certain level environments. They can be easily repelled with flares and floodlights.
Zombie Zombies are the most common, iconic enemies found in Splatter. They often gather in hordes and are found in every stage in Story Mode. They also come in pink varieties that gain a short burst of speed periodically, lunging at Max with no warning.
Mother Beetle The Mother Beetle is a boss encountered in A bug's nest. She is the source of all the beetle attacks that occur in a nearby refugee camp. The beetle is able to spit a long stream of fire at Max and heal herself when she burrows back into her nest, which requires her to be lured back out. She can also spawn more beetles of the small variety.
Spew Spew is the name of the boss found in Temple of Consumption that spits out fire. It is similar in appearance to Imps but are much stronger, and they can use two different attacks. The first is a spitting of three fireballs at Max, and the second is a large leap that, on landing, creates an explosion.
Harvester A zombie manning a combine harvester is found in Returning across peaceful fields. The zombie, while operating the machine, will attempt to run over Max, getting him killed in the large frontal blades. The zombie can be blinded by flares to prevent it from driving in the intended direction and providing a chance for it to ram into a wall.
Boss Worm The Boss Worm is found in The last train. It is a giant, armored worm that has taken up residence in a subway station. The worm is fought while Max is riding on a subway train, and the fight itself consists of two phases. Boss worm is able to spit a stream of fire and encase zombies in a sack to throw them into the train car.