(1) Off this world
No. of Undead 208
Available Money $455
Secrets 3
Weapon Parts 0
Flak Vest Parts 0

Off this world is the introductory stage in the game, Splatter. It functions as a tutorial level and takes place in the general area around Max's apartment building. Max's first two weapons, the handgun and shotgun, are located here.

Overview Edit

Off this world has a mostly urban landscape, with several housing buildings, shops, and vehicles around the area. Max's apartment is located here and is the first area players spawn in.

Starting out, players are urged to investigate a noise outside of the apartment only for a zombie to burst through the doors of the building and becoming quickly subdued by a police man. The man tells the protagonist to evacuate west, allowing Max to collect his first weapon, a handgun, from a corpse along the way.

The level quickly develops a few turns through the cityscape but generally requires the players to continue moving west through streets and buildings until reaching a large, open road with hordes of zombies, a shotgun, and the exit to the next stage. Upon entering this open road, the way back becomes blocked.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret1a The first secret is located through the alley directly west of Max's apartment building in a backyard. Obtaining the handgun is required to access this secret as it is located behind a white picket fence that needs to be shot down. $25
Secret1b The second secret is in a backyard located directly north of the alley containing the first secret and is near a burning fire. $20
Secret1c The third secret is located in a garage that first must be opened via a nearby panel with a switch that emits a green glow. The room with the switch is just west of the room with the weapon upgrade bench. $35

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Firststepsintorain First Steps into the Rain Reach the end of the first level