Splatter contains various pick-up items across the levels which, as the name implies, can be picked up and will usually restore health, replenish ammunition, or grant money.

When large ammunition is picked up for the first time, Max is given access to that weapon.

List of Pick-ups Edit

Item Effect
Large Ammunition
Largeshotgunammo +20 Shotgun ammo
Largeassaultammo +100 Assault rifle ammo
Largegrenadeammo +8 Grenade launcher ammo
Largemissileammo +8 Missile launcher ammo
Largelaserammo +200 Laser rifle ammo
Largeflameammo +160 Flamethrower ammo
Small Ammunition
Smallshotgunammo +8 Shotgun ammo
Smallassaultammo +50 Assault rifle ammo
Smallgrenadeammo +4 Grenade launcher ammo
Smallmissileammo +4 Missile launcher ammo
Smalllaserammo +80 Laser rifle ammo
Smallflameammo +80 Flamethrower ammo
Bronzecoin +$5
Silvercoin +$20
Goldcoin +$50
Other Pick-ups
Flareammo +8 Flares
Medkit Restores a small amount of health
Flakjacketitem Adds a piece of the flak jacket
Weaponpartitem Adds a golden piece to the handgun
Keyitem A key in We, the remains that opens a secret

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