(12) Pump station
No. of Undead 218
Available Money $450
Secrets 2
Weapon Parts 0
Flak Vest Parts 0

Pump station is a fairly short level the directly precedes The source of all evil. It takes place in a basement under Laboratory.

Overview Edit

Pump station takes place in a series of narrow hallways under a laboratory. These halls full of zombies quickly lead to a slightly more open area where a mini-boss fight initiates, using the same bosses from the previous level: robotic zombies. As before, they use lasers and grenades to attack, so shooting and hiding behind a wall is effective, and the laser rifle is a very efficient weapon.

A quick resting spot follows the fight, complete with some ammunition, a health kit, and a workbench. A second open room with vats of toxic waste comes next, but the western path is blocked, leaving Max to go through a somewhat obscure door on the northern wall. The path leads to a cave with worms and more waste, albeit this toxic waste is in pools that have a slowly increasing and decreasing waterline, so care must be taken to quickly move around them while the waterline is receded. Once cleared, the network of caverns continues and Max will be ambushed by shadow creatures.

The cave will lead to more laboratory tunnels where a second fight against some robotic zombies will ensue. Finally, accessing an elevator will grant Max the level exit.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret12a The first secret in a small, hidden room whose entrance is located on the southern wall of the room where the first mini-boss fight takes place. $70, 80 laser rifle ammo
Secret12b The second secret is in a small alcove within the network of caves, along the edge of the toxic waste shore that increases and deceases in size. It is guarded by fire-spitting and lunging zombies. $70, 28 shotgun ammo

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only stage that does not have any achievements exclusive to it.