(7) Returning across peaceful fields
No. of Undead 569
Available Money $415
Secrets 2
Weapon Parts 1
Flak Vest Parts 0

Return across peaceful fields is a mostly forested level with several farmlands where Max is introduced to the missile launcher.

Overview Edit

In the beginning of the level, Max is introduced to the mechanics of fireflies and their ability to repel zombies with the light they produce. Fireflies will disappear if disturbed by gunshots and explosions but are unaffected by walking. Fireflies in this level corral several zombies into small spaces, allowing Max to avoid them.

Following the path west, Max will eventually find the missile launcher and reach a spider nest within a cavern that contains a golden weapon part. The cave has several egg sacks that will release spiders when destroyed. Further west of the cave is a boss arena.

The boss of this level is a zombie manning a combine harvester that damages Max rapidly when the blades make contact with him and immediately kills him when he is ran over. The boss is invincible to gunfire and explosions and the only way to damage it is to make it run into a wall or some nearby rocks. This process can be done by having the machine follow Max to a wall and running out of it's way before it hits Max, causing the harvester to turn at the last minute in an attempt to hit him only to come into contact with the wall. Repeat this process until it runs out of health.

The combine harvester can now be operated by Max to travel further west, easily cutting down any monster in the way and causing many of them to run away from Max. Additionally, weapons can still be used will operating the harvester. It can be dismounted at any time using the flare button. Eventually, Max will reach an open field and can continue traveling south from there, following the path east to another open field littered with zombies. Continuing further south then west again clears the level.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret7a The first secret is located directly west of the boss' arena slightly hidden by trees. The secret contains four ambushing zombies and cannot be accessed while operating the combine harvester. $70
Secret7b The second secret is located directly north of the boss' arena inside an abandoned home. It also cannot be accessed while operating the combine harvester. The coins are scattered between the two smaller rooms. $75, a health pack

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Industryscaleharvesting Industry-scale harvesting Shred 100 monsters with the harvester