A classic in every apocalypse, the shotgun. Hits hard at short distance and throws back the enemy. What more could you hope for?
Waff gross1
Location Off this world
Max. Ammo 80

The shotgun is the second weapon found in the game, being near the end of the introductory level. It is significantly stronger than the pistol but requires ammunition to be reloaded; all subsequent weapons found will also require ammunition. The shotgun fires multiple rounds on one pull of the trigger, allowing it to effectively subdue larger hordes of monsters and take down stronger monsters in fewer hits, but it has short reloading time between firing. The shotgun is more effective when used in very close range, but other weapons are preferable when firing from a distance, especially at single targets. Additionally, this weapon can also push enemies back.

On upgrading, the shotgun gains reduced reloading time, increased number of rounds fired, increased damage, and piercing rounds that go through enemies without losing much velocity or effectiveness.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Price Additions
$300 I improved the reload mechanism, allowing me to shoot 20% faster.
$500 The barrel now holds really heavy rounds that contain twice the pellets than before. Unfortunately this also increases the spreading.
$750 Hollow pellets! This round not only inflicts more damage, but also tears through the victim and hurts enemies behind it.
$1000 Can't really call them "Pellets" anymore! Each round contains high-tech hollow spheres that hurt like hell and also go through the enemy nearly undampened. In addition, slick cartridges allow me to reload and continue firing even faster.
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