(2) Temple of Consumption
No. of Undead 183
Available Money $530
Secrets 3
Weapon Parts 1
Flak Vest Parts 0

Temple of Consumption takes place within a generic shopping mall and is the location of discovery of flares. The name of the level is a hyperbolic synonym of "shopping mall."

Overview Edit

The Temple of Consumption starts in a typical mall hallway with several stores lined up at the sides. Like the previous level, the goal is to continue moving westward.

Max will eventually encounter a unnamed man looting a gun store. He claims to need a firearm to protect himself. At this point, Max can choose whether he allows the man to arm himself or shoot him, feeling it to be risky to allow a stranger to be armed. If the man is allowed to live, he will fight alongside Max for a short duration of the level, which can be useful for the upcoming hordes of zombies. If he is killed, however, the man will drop around $50 which can go toward upgrading weapons.

Eventually, Max's new ally will abandon the mission after defeating a large, durable zombie, and Max is left alone again to traverse a dark room followed by a flight of stairs that will lead to the first boss fight of the game.

The boss is a larger version of the generic fire-spitting zombies found in later levels. It primarily attacks by spitting up three fire balls at a time which will cause small explosions on contact with walls, damaging Max is he is near. After enough of its health is depleted, the boss will make large leaps at Max, creating a large explosion on impact that can be very damaging. Once the boss is defeated, it will drop $80.

Secrets Edit

Map Location Rewards
Secret2a After finding a way around the rubble in the main hallway, the secret is located in a room connected to a store on the south end of the hall. $10
Secret2b The second secret is located in a room attached to the store just above the gun store, after the alarm sounds a hordes of zombies attack. $10
Secret2c The third secret is found right next to the flight of stairs leading down the the area boss. All coins are covered by crates. $25

Achievements Edit

Achievement Prerequisite
Nothingincommonbuttheenemy Nothing in common but the enemy Allow the looter to live
Canttrustanyone Can't trust anyone Prevent the looter from obtaining a weapon
Asurgeofdeepestsatisfaction A surge of deepest satisfaction Defeat the cellar inhabitant